Benvenuto a Como

Como Lake Como is dedicated to all things beautiful in Lake Como, concentrating on the historic provincial capital of Como and the western arm of the Lake in Lombardy (Lombardia) in Northern Italy.

On the website, you can find information on public transport services, popular historical attractions and cultural and social events that take place in the City of Como and Province throughout the year.

Life Electric - Com Lake Como
Life Electric – contemporary sculpture

About Lake Como

Lake Como is of glacial origin and is the third-largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe at over 400 metres deep and covering an area of 146 square kilometres.

The name of Lake Como in Italian is Lago di Como (Lake of Como) or Lario the name given to it by the Romans.

The Province of Como

The Province of Como has a population of over 599,000 inhabitants and geographically situated at the southwestern tip of Lake Como 45 kilometres (28 miles) north of Milano in the Regione Lombardia (Lombardy Region) of Northern Italy.

The region is famous throughout the world for its long tradition of silk manufacturer and weaving and without no exception the adjoining lake of the same name. Today Como is a centre for design, business, insurance, banking and the location of choice of tourists from all around the world.

City of Como

The City of Como is just one hour away from Milano and fifteen minutes away from the border town of Ponte Chiasso in Switzerland. Lake Como is a popular destination for both the Milanese and the Swiss alike.

Canon Salute

At noon every day in the City of Como, you can hear a cannon firing a salute. It began back in 1912 and stopped for 20 years and reintroduced to Como in 1994.

Historical Attractions

The Duomo

The Duomo - Como Lake Como
The Duomo

The building of the Duomo in the City of Como began in 1396 and did not finish until 1770. The spectacular west front, built between 1457 and 1498.

Tempio Voltiano

Tempio Voltiano - Como Lake Como
Tempio Voltiano Museum

The Tempio Voltiano is a museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a scientist and the inventor of the electric battery. Alessandro Volta was born in Como in 1745 and died in 1827.